Binary signal from vfxAlert, how to work with it?

Every trader knows that the quality of the signal is very important. The signal is the essential source of information, it suggests the right moment to put or call the options. The main question that arises in this situation is where to find the software that provides good signals? Now you don’t have to search anymore. Meet vfxAlert, a new application created for simple and comfortable trading. With this application, you can trade binary options, stocks, forex, ETFs, commodities, even cryptocurrencies. Watch the video to see, how this application looks like. You can trade online or download the software. 

All important information is situated in one working window. Here is the interface of the vfxAlert. On the left panel, there are the trading signals. On the right — broker’s platform, in the center — chart and other analytical instruments. 

The binary signal is the informational reminders that signalize about the events in the financial markets. These reminders recommend the trader to call or put a certain option.

Signals behave according to a certain algorithm and appear when several predetermined factors match. The binary signal includes information about the number of profitable deals in the past. Here is the structure of the vfxAlert signal.

How to track the binary signal

If you want to track the binary signal, pay attention to the colored columns (Power of signal). The more columns are colored, the higher is the level of power. When all columns are green or yellow, this means that in the past the were many profitable signals with similar conditions. 

Also, you need to pay attention to the heatmaps (horizontal line under the clock).  Heatmap shows the movement of price from the last max/min points. Each section represents the level of profitability in a certain moment of time, from 1 minute to 4 hours. Watching the changes in the heatmap during the day allows calculating the most profitable signals.  The "warmer" (brighter) the price, the closer is the possible trend reversal. 

Besides the signal power, you may use different trend indicators (zigzag, volatility, etc.). These indicators display the behavior of a binary signal against a backdrop of the financial market. If you want to know how to set the indicators, watch the video.  

Trade with vfxAlert

Beneficial trading requires patience, time, and practice. And even more, it requires a serious and thought-out approach. In other words, you need to create a trading strategy. A trading strategy is the sequence of actions that allows the trader to exchange with profit. This methodology should consider the different circumstances of the market and leave room for the maneuvers. Follow these steps if you want to be successful at trading.  

Steps for the right trading

  • Practice constantly and continuously. For safe practice, you need to open the Free account. Here you can learn to trade without monetary losses and develop the trading strategy.

  • Learn more about different strategies. You may use the one that already exists or create your own way to trade. Read these materials to know more about the strategies.  

  • Follow the essential financial news of the economy of the state the currency of which you trade.   

  • Find the good broker’s platform. Adress the other traders, if you don’t know which one is better to choose.

  • When you will be sufficiently experienced to trade with real money, open the Pro account. Here you will receive the analytical instruments. 

Download the vfxAlert 

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